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Pokémon Go Community Days December 2021: Dates, Rewards, Special Research & More!

For December, Pokémon Go brings back all this year’s previous Community Day Pokémon! Every Pokémon that was featured from Jan. to Nov. will receive a second dose of boosted wild encounter rates. December Community Day Timeframe No matter where you are, the event lasts from 11am to 5pm local time on Dec. 18, 2021 and Dec. 19, 2021. […]

Pokémon Go Reshiram Raid Guide: Best Counters and Weaknesses

One of the featured Pokémon for the upcoming week’s Raid Hour is Reshiram. During the Raid Hour, players worldwide will see an increase in the number of Tier 5 Raids, half of which will host Reshiram: the Vast White Pokémon! Schedule The Raid Hour is hosted every Wednesday from 6pm to 7pm local time. Reshiram’s Raid Hours will be […]

Pokémon Go Swinub Incense Day December 2021: Ground and Ice Pokémon

Pokémon Go has brought us Incense Day for December 2021. With this special event, Pokémon of specific types are attracted to Incense used during the event’s timeframe, giving players opportunity to catch specific Pokémon in higher numbers to get more candy and experience, or to evolve their Pokémon! Incense Day There are plenty of features […]

Pokémon Go Raid Hour Schedule for December 2021

Every Wednesday evening, Pokémon Go features a Pokémon for their weekly Raid Hour. The schedule for each month is typically released towards the end of the previous month. Here is everything you need to know about the Raid Hour schedule for December 2021. December 1 Featured Pokémon: Zekrom, Reshiram Special Features: Shiny versions are seen […]