How to unlock Live2D in Blue Archive

There’s no better way to admire your favorite Students than to have them dazzle on your home screen in the form of Live2D. This perk can be obtained from the Memorial Lobby, which features Students going about their day-to-day lives in the form of animated artwork. Relationship Rank Unlocking Live2D is really easy but can […]

How to increase Relationship rank in Blue Archive

Building Relationships with Students can make your job as Schale’s most important Sensei a whole lot easier. By increasing Relationship ranks, you can unlock stat bonuses, bond stories, and Live2D at the Memorial Lobby. Various in-game interactions will allow you to get closer to your favorite Students little by little—until you can eventually complete their […]

How to redeem Coupon Code in Blue Archive

Blue Archive rewards players with redeemable Coupon Codes during events. Don’t miss out on this quick and easy way to obtain resources and Pyroxenes with just a few clicks! Start by clicking on the grid-looking menu at the upper right of the screen. Click Account and scroll down until you see Coupon. Click Continue. Simply […]

How to reroll in Blue Archive

Blue Archive is a girls-with-guns RPG where players take on the role of Sensei. Under the orders of the Federal Investigation Club (also known as Schale), resolve incidents across Kivotos, where the sight of Students carrying personal weapons is all but the norm. Amid the gun battle frenzy, players can also experience stories of love […]